Utility Charge Schedule-Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission

Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission

Utility Charge Schedule

What is a Utility Charge Schedule? 
A Utility Charge Schedule, sometimes referred to as a Utility Allowance, is a schedule of average utility costs per unit a Public Housing Authority includes in a Tenant's rent. 

What buildings does the Utility Charge Schedule effect?
At Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission, the eight (8) scattered houses are subject to the Utility Charge Schedule.

How is the Utility Charge Schedule calculated?
Each year, Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission reviews all utility charges, and averages them based upon bedroom size and the City of Sisseton water, sewer and garbage rates for the year. 

If my unit exceeds the Utility Charge Schedule, when is payment for the overage due?
Any additional amounts would be due with the next month's rent.