Scheduled Maintenance Charges-Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission

Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission

Scheduled Maintenance Charges

Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission Maintenance Charge Schedule was implemented in April of 2017. The schedule explains the charges a Tenant would incur for damage that was purposely caused or is considered beyond "normal wear and tear." At Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission, we encourage Tenants to think of their apartments and houses as their homes and take care of their units in a manner which would reflect this thinking. If a tenant purposely causes damage to the unit, he or she is held accountable for the cost of materials and the labor involved in repairing the damage as follows: 

Repair or Replace Sheetrock:                                                                                                  $75+Materials Cost
Repair or Replace Cabinet doors or drawers:                                                                      $50+Materials Cost
Replace Trim or Doors for Closets or Bedrooms:                                                                $25+Materials Cost
Replace Downspouts:                                                                                                               $25+Materials Cost
Replace Screens on windows:                                                                                                 $25+Materials Cost
Paint Touch Up:                                                                                                                         $25+Materials Cost
Replace Bathroom Fixtures:                                                                                                    $25+Materials Cost
Landscaping due to Driving in the Yard:                                                                               $125
Yardwork i.e. lawn mowing, shoveling, weed removal:                                                      $100
Remove Trash from the Yard or Driveway:                                                                          $25
Other Miscellaneous Repairs:                                                                                                 TBD