House Rules-Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission

Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission

House Rules

The House Rules are an addendum to the Lease Agreement. The rules provide a more in depth look at what we expect from our Tenants. Each house or apartment is considered to be a Tenant's home. We ask all tenants to care for their units as if it were their home. Below are the House Rules and Regulations which Tenant's at Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission are expected to follow: 


1.  A security deposit is required before you move in.

2.  Your security deposit is refundable when the apartment is vacated, providing your lease is expired and there has been no damage to the apartment or house. It should be left in a clean condition, normal wear accepted. 


When your lease is to expire and you plan on vacating your apartment, a 30 day written notice must be given to the office, on or prior to the first of the month, before moving from your apartment.    If a tenant does not give the full 30 day notice, the tenant will be liable for rent up to the end of the month for which notice was required or to the date the unit is re-rented, whichever date comes first.  


  1. The lease you signed when you were accepted in this project gives you certain rights and also makes you responsible for following the Housing Rules and Regulations. 
  2. The lease is for a one year term and renewing automatically by the month until either party notifies the other of intention to terminate. 


  1. Rent is due and payable on the first day of the month.
  2. The tenant may either mail or deliver such payment to the Management Office.  
  3. If the rent is not paid in full by the fifth day of the month, Management may collect a fee of $5.00 on the 6th day of the month.  Thereafter, Management may collect $1.00 for each additional day the rent remains unpaid during the month it is due.  
  4. A $25.00 administrative fee will be charged for checks returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds.
  5. If you are habitually late or fail to make your monthly payment you will be asked to vacate your home or apartment.    If you have difficulty making your payment, please contact the main office before your rent is due and discuss the problem with us.  The terms of any rent extension will be spelled out in writing, signed by both parties and a copy retained by each.   If the rent is not paid on the date set forth in the extension, you will be served an eviction notice.
  6. Court costs incurred for the collection of rents or due to eviction will be paid by the tenant.


  1. This is your home.   Friends and relatives are welcome to visit you.  If your guests stay longer than 3 consecutive days, you are required to give their names and indicate their approximate length of stay to the main office.
  2. If GUESTS stay in the home or apartment longer than 14 days in a 45-day period, your guest MUST apply for residency.  Individuals are not allowed beyond the length of stay of the above unless their names are on the lease agreement.     Your guest is then considered a new applicant and must follow all procedures of the application process. The guest’s income will be counted in the next month’s rent calculation as a household member.   If the name and/or the guest cannot be determined, the resident will be charged the note rate rent and termination of occupancy will be the result of the violation of the lease.
  3. You are responsible for your guests, including children playing outside. 

If any damages are done by your guest, it will be charged to you.


  1. All motor vehicles must have a current license and be in operating condition.
  2. Do not park on the lawn under any circumstances.
  3. Repairing vehicles on the premises is not allowed.
  4. Drive carefully when driving through the property.   The safety of all residents living in the apartment complex is important to us.


  1. If your apartment complex has a patio, you must keep it clean and free from debris.
  2. Do not use your patio for a storage area.
  3. Do not hang clothes on your patio railing, nor use your patio for a clothes line.
  4. Do not grill on your patio. 


  1. The owner will provide dumpsters in designated areas for the apartments.
  2. The local sanitation department will pick up the garbage on a regular basis.

Garbage must be put in plastic garbage bags with ties and put in the dumpsters. Do not put your garbage beside the dumpsters.   Also, large items such as furniture, crates etc…are NOT to be left by the dumpster.   The truck will not pick up these items.   Large items will need to be disposed of by the resident. 

  1. Make sure the cover on the dumpster is closed at all times.
  2. Please keep the area around the dumpsters as clean as possible.
  3. You are not allowed to burn rubbish.


  1. No antenna of any description shall be installed on the building or hung from the windows or balconies.


  1. Coin operated laundry room is provided for the TENANTS ONLY.  Persons not residing in an apartment are not allowed the use of these facilities.
  2. DO NOT leave unattended clothes in the machines or in the laundry room.   Items left will be collected.
  3. Dyeing of clothes in wash machines is not permitted.
  4. Do not leave your soap or personal items in the laundry room.
  5. Please follow instructions on the machines when using them Do Not overload the machines or put an excessive amount of laundry soap in                                               your wash load.   This is hard on the machines, as well as your cloths.  
  6. After using the machines, empty the lint screen, wipe off the machines and clean up any mess you have made.  The next person that comes to wash will appreciate a clean laundry room. 
  7. If you have any breakdowns or any problems with the machines, please contact the main office.
  8. No Smoking in the laundry rooms.


No carpet may be installed permanently in our units.   If a resident would like carpet, they may purchase it themselves, but carpet may only be held in place with double stick tape.  


  1. Each tenant must use care in keeping hallways clean.
  2. Items left in hallways will be collected.
  3. No Smoking in hallways.
  4. No one is allowed to play or run in the hallways or common areas.

Children visiting tenants must be supervised at all times.

  1. Dirty shoes and overshoes should be cleaned at the entrance and not tracked down the halls.   Do not leave shoes in the hallways.
  2. This is your home.   Please try to keep the hallways as clean as possible.
  3. Doors and halls are to be left unobstructed by order of the State Fire Marshall.  
  4. Doors should not be propped open during warm weather as it permits rodents and bugs to enter the building.


  1. Always remember to be a good neighbor.
  2. Keep radios and television from blaring at high volume.   Especially be considerate of others later in the evening.   
  3. No loud parties, drunkenness or immoral conduct is allowed at any time. Any disturbances which cause annoyance or discomfort to other tenants will not be tolerated. 


1.  We hope all residents will take pride and help us maintain nice clean

      lawns and walks.  Do not throw bottles, cigarettes, papers or other trash

      on the lawns and walks.

  1. Residents living in the single family homes are responsible for the lawn mowing and snow removal.    May we remind you that neglect of the walks, driveways and lawns adjacent to your family home will not be tolerated.   The cost of lawn mowing, snow removal and collection of trash by the Management will be charged to the resident.  
  2. Do not drive on the lawns at anytime.


Please notify the Management office if you are to be away from your home for any length of time.   Extra precautions will be taken by the office to watch your unit.   


  1. Report all necessary repairs to the office during their working hours, Monday through Friday.
  2. Emergency after hour repairs may be done by calling anyone on the list posted in your building.     After hour requests that are not an emergency will be charged to you.
  3. Maintenance requests will be done as soon as possible, with emergencies handled immediately.   Following a maintenance request, maintenance personal will be entering your apartment to do maintenance.  
  4. Notify the office immediately of any plumbing leaks or malfunctions such as stopped sinks or toilets, as well as any problems with electrical outlets, switches, light fixtures, or appliances.  
  5. Tenants are responsible for replacing any burned out light bulbs in their apartments after initial occupancy.
  6. In case of emergency the maintenance person will enter the premises without permission. 
  7. Please use small nails when hanging pictures.   Each resident will be responsible for excessive damage caused by nail holes or the use of pasted wall hangers.   Do not fill nail holes when vacating your apartment or home. 
  8. No Scotch tape, contact paper or glue on doors, walls or appliances.
  9.  Plumbing and electrical equipment shall not be used for any other purpose than those for which they were intended.   
  10. Inflammables, gasoline, solvents, etc., must not be kept in the unit.     
  11. When doing repairs, the tenant will be charged only for those damages to the home or apartment that are the result of carelessness or neglect on their part.
  12. Preventive and corrective maintenance services will be provided in accordance with state and local codes.  
  13. An annual or periodic inspection of your home or apartment will be done to check condition of your apartment, maintenance repairs needed, as well as safe sanitary housekeeping.  A notice will be given to you prior to an inspection.


  1. Responsibility:   The management is not responsible for loss due to theft, fire, or accident on the apartment grounds or in the apartment building.    We encourage all residents to have renter’s insurance.
  2. Except as provided in the Lease, Management will not be responsible for articles left behind when you vacate your unit.
  3. Police:   Report to the police all suspicious actions, all vandalism and all thefts you experience.   Anyone involved in vandalism to the property will be prosecuted.


  1. Regular cleaning is needed to keep your unit tidy and in good shape.
  2. Wipe any marks or spills from the walls and floors, as soon as possible.
  3. Appliances such as stoves and refrigerators need regular cleaning.  Clean the oven and the top burners as they become soiled.   Exhaust fan screens should be removed regularly and washed in warm, soapy water to remove any grease build-up.   Also clean the refrigerator regularly.
  4. When hanging pictures, use small nails.   Do not use pre-pasted picture hangers. 
  5. Tenants are not to install additional major appliances unless approved in writing by the management. 
  6. Contents of your apartment or house, should be adequately covered by your insurance.