Admittance and Continued Occupancy Policy-Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission

Sisseton Housing and Redevelopment Commission

Admission and Continued Occupancy Policy

 What is an ACOP?
ACOP stands for Admission and Continued Occupancy Policy.
The ACOP is a document specific to each Public Housing Authority (PHA) and is adopted by each PHA’s Board of Commissioner in accordance with regulations set forth by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s regulations and requirements.

What is covered in an ACOP?
An ACOP must cover certain policies and procedures including, but not limited to:
         Selection and admission of applicants from a PHA’s wait list.
         Screening of applicants for tenancy.
         Occupancy Standards.
         Occupancy policies.
         Assisting families claiming illegal discrimination.
         Informal review/grievance hearing procedures.
         Rent determinations, which include annual and interim redeterminations based upon family income and 
         Procedural guidelines on conducting inspections.
         Violence Against Women Act.